We provide a premium experience for our clients through safe reliable travel and unsurpassed service.

Our Values

Safety – Our priority. Every time, in everything that we do.

Service – Our passion. Our commitment. The core of who we are.

Excellence – Our action. Superior execution at all levels, at all times.

Integrity – Our foundation. Doing what’s right. Steadfastly. Resolutely. Consistently.

Innovation – Our drive. Be better. Creative. Proactive, Improving all that we do.

Why Choose Us

Private Jet Professionals is setting a new standard for private jet travel. Gone are the days of complex fractional ownership agreements and costly membership plans. It’s time for simple, flexible, on-demand travel, when and where you want it.

We give you unrivaled access to a worldwide network of reliable operators who share our high standards of safety, quality and value. With us, you can enjoy all of the convenience and luxury of private jet travel, with none of the commitment or cost of traditional services.

We earned our reputation by delivering on an ironclad business model centered on continuous improvement and a zealous commitment to exceeding expectations.


At Private Jet Professionals, we’re driven by a culture of safety and service – to protect our greatest asset: our clients. Because safety is of utmost importance, we certify every single aircraft, pilot, crew, and flight that flies in our program. Our operators are also tested annually and our safety standards exceed FAA Part 135 regulations in various categories.

Concierge Service

No detail is too small, no request is too large. At Private Jet Professionals, your every comfort is our foremost concern. Pre-flight, in the air or on the ground, our concierge service will accommodate your every need.

From scheduling a flight, a particular bottle of wine, catering from a preferred restaurant, to a particular magazine or a chauffeur service to the airport—every detail is covered. I personalize every trip for your individual needs.

Empty Leg Flights

For travelers who have a little extra flexibility in their schedules, empty leg flights are a great way to enjoy the perks of luxury air travel at discounted private jet charter rates. I will be happy to search for available one-way charter flights that meet your travel needs.